5 Common Signs You're Suffering From Computer Eye Strain


Plenty of people across the world now spend most of their working life sitting in front of a computer. Unfortunately, that means many are also starting to suffer from computer eye strain. You see, using a computer is a relatively repetitive task for your eyes – they need to constantly scan back and forth in the same way. Additionally, computer screens give off light and reflect glare, which puts you eyes under added strain.

20 December 2018

How Your Eyesight Can Be Affected by Diabetes


As you may know, diabetes is one of the most prevalent and controllable diseases in Australia which, unfortunately, affects millions of people a year. It can have many repercussions and can have a devastating effect on the eyesight if left uncontrolled. If you or somebody you know has been told that they may have diabetic retinopathy, what are the two main types of vision loss associated? Different Types Diabetic retinopathy causes the blood vessels within the retina to deteriorate and the longer you have the disease, the more likely this type of deterioration will occur.

20 November 2018

What Are the Benefits of Anti-Glare Lenses?


Your new prescription glasses don't just correct your vision problems, they can also give you some other benefits that might improve how you see through your lenses. For example, after talking to you about your vision generally, your optometrist may suggest that you have anti-glare lenses fitted in your glasses. What are anti-glare lenses and why might you find them useful? What Are Anti-Glare Lenses? Anti-glare lenses are regular lenses that are treated with specialist coatings.

19 November 2018

4 Signs You Might Have an Ocular Melanoma


A melanoma is a type of cancer, and it can occur in any part of your body where cells produce melanin, the pigment that gives your skin colour. Your eyes contain those melanin-producing cells, so eye melanomas (or ocular melanomas) can sometimes develop. These melanomas are treatable, but you should catch the problem as early as possible and arrange retinal scanning for a complete diagnosis to ensure you enjoy the best outlook.

18 November 2018

The Serious Vision Problems that You Should Always be on the Lookout for


Millions of people are blind all over the world, and a large percentage of them lost their sight over cases which could have been avoided. The World Health Organisation recommends regular eye checks because they are the only way that progressive eye conditions can be detected before one starts losing their eyesight. While people tend to ignore some minor symptoms of eye problems, it is essential to see the doctor if you are having any of these signs.

15 November 2018

Eyewear Trends for 2019


Eyewear, just like any other fashionable item you might sport, is subject to trends and – in some cases – short-lived fads. If you wear glasses and want to maintain a hip, up-to-date look, then you really need to know what the fashion trends in eyewear for 2019 are going to be. Read on to discover some of the latest, most unique eyewear that will mean you are completely on trend for 2019.

9 November 2018