Caring For Your Eyes

Your eyes are very important. Many people don't realise just how valuable their vision is until it starts to fail. I was one of these people. I didn't give a second thought to my eyes or keeping them healthy. However, one day, I noticed that I couldn't see as clearly as I used to. I struggle to read the small print on paperwork and sometimes I would find that my vision would become unfocused. I visited the optometrist, and he assessed my eyes. I've now been prescribed contact lenses which really help me. I hope the articles I have posted here help you.

Eyewear Trends for 2019


Eyewear, just like any other fashionable item you might sport, is subject to trends and – in some cases – short-lived fads. If you wear glasses and want to maintain a hip, up-to-date look, then you really need to know what the fashion trends in eyewear for 2019 are going to be. Read on to discover some of the latest, most unique eyewear that will mean you are completely on trend for 2019.

The Return of the Blue

This is something that is going to be a bit of a recurring theme for the eyewear trends of 2019 – the retro look. You might remember that blue-tinged spectacles were definitely the in thing in the middle of the 1990s with plenty of Hollywood stars sporting them. Since then, however, blue eyewear hasn't been in so much demand. That is due to change with all sorts of trendy eyewear manufacturers announcing designs that will feature blue lenses, sometimes in minimalist frames that make the most of the cool, azure look.

The Double-Bridged Look

In the middle of the twentieth century, lots of spectacles that were worn had twin bridges. In fairness, this rarely had anything to do with fashion whatsoever. It was primarily an issue of creating a sturdy pair of glasses that could stand up to the rigours of daily life. That being said, the return of this utilitarian look is due in the next twelve months or so with several current celebrities wearing double-bridged glasses already.

More Dynamic Geometry

Over the last decade or so, glasses have been designed to blend in with the features of the wearer almost as if they shouldn't be noticed at all. Current design thinking is going in exactly the opposite direction with much more 'shape' being offered by frames. You can expect to see more perfectly round lens frames and also very assertive geometric looks which will feature octagons and other shapes with tight apexes. Yes, you may remember this sort of look from the 1980s, but it is the retro look that is on trend at the moment, so why not try some of this new wave of eyewear on and see how it suits you?

The Slim Look

If you want an eyewear look that is less backwards-looking, then opt for the latest slim look that appears to be much more futuristic. Slim glasses make a real statement and will be a big hit in 2019 with both men and women. The slim look extends right across your face to create an almost cat-like appearance.


9 November 2018